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Quarantine Isn't So Bad..

Unless you live under a rock, you have probably heard about COVID-19 spreading throughout the world. Every day in the United States we hear about another new restriction, another batch of cases, and another event cancellation. Both here, and in other countries, we see cafes closing, theatres shuttered, grocery stores emptied, and restaurants doors locked. Whether you are currently under quarantine, are being asked to work from home, or simply are staying inside at all costs, there are ways to make the time go by until this pandemic is eradicated and our agencies gain control.

Perhaps it is time to open up that book you never finished. Reading not only makes time go by, but it can make you feel like you’re getting something done! Want to inspire the inner politician in you? Maybe reading some of our countries founding documents such as the United States Constitution would be insightful!

Have you opened that puzzle set you got from your parents last Christmas? Why don’t you wipe off the coffee table, and lay it out. This will keep your brain’s curiosity going strong!

Have you ever wanted to start a blog with your big idea? Go on to the many host sites and write something down! Share your work with family and friends; they will support you.

It is spring cleaning time, anyway. If you are getting tired of seeing that one sock under the couch, or that one piece of hair on the bathroom sink, why not do a deep clean? It will not only re-assure you that you are in a disinfected space, but your home will smell and feel clean.

Have you been wanting to re-arrange the furniture? Now is your chance. Maybe the bed frame does not sit too well against that one window, but the floor space would look much more open and spacious!

If you were bitten by the nature bug, maybe you should pack up some hand sanitizer and drive on over to your local trail. The fresh air will be your friend, and you will not be in close contact with others.

Did you want to catch up on that show you gave up on three episodes in? Give it another shot! Maybe you are one episode shy of being hooked. Maybe you want to watch some old movies on Netflix, or catch up on your favorite shows. Maybe it is also time to put in that video game you have not played in a while too.

Have you tried to cook anything fancy, or at least complex, lately? There is more to life than Ramen and boxed mac and cheese. Take a chance on making some roasted, stuffed chicken, or maybe making a hearty soup!

When was the last time you wrote someone a piece of mail? I don’t mean email, I mean physically writing a note on paper, and mailing it! Strike up some fun conversations with family and friends and keep yourself engaged, waiting for the response! Even if you don’t have access to materials, when was the last time you reached out to your old friend from high school? Maybe it is a good time to catch up finally.

Think about the silver lining. Perhaps this will allow us to contemplate the necessity of certain modes of travel, if we really need to work in person at all times, if we can help the environment, and if we all will be closer together after distancing?

No matter what you do to try and pass the time, it is up to every single one of us to take charge and help be the solution. Cover your cough, avoid large crowds, don’t overbuy soaps and toilet paper, stop touching your face, do not shake hands, and if you have the resources to help others safely, open up to them.

We will get through this. It will get worse before it gets better. Your cruise trip can happen next year, that concert will be postponed, and that big game won’t happen. However, we have faced monumental challenges before, and we will get through this too.

Here is a link to CDC updates regarding the situation:

“The only thing we have to fear, is fear itself.” – Franklin Delano Roosevelt

- Tyler, The National Watch

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