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Presidential Primary Endorsements - The Writers' Picks

Michael's Picks

Democratic - Bernie Sanders

There is something to be said for consistency. As the US economy grinds to a halt under assault of an accelerating epidemic, a recession seems imminent. It’s easy to be scared by terms like “socialism” and “revolution”, and it’s equally easy to point to the cost to the taxpayer, but it’s incredibly dishonest in practice. Trillions have been shoveled into Wall Street in the past week, yet universal healthcare, student debt relief, and support for displaced workers are considered frivolous. If you want an America that labels corporations as people, Bernie is not your candidate. If you want a country that works for the people, Senator Sanders is your President.

Republican - Abstain

Tyler's Picks

Democratic - Joe Biden

The former vice president has the experience, the connections, and the stature to be an impactful president. Between his commitment to have a woman as his VP, his strong recent debate performances, and his clear vision for a better future, Joementum is real, and here to stay. Time to rally, Democrats!

Republican - Bill Weld

The former Massachusetts governor is an obvious long shot against the incumbent President Trump. However, Governor Weld is a proven leader, and a socially progressive Republican who would be a breath of fresh air. Given President Trump's consistent lackluster leadership, Republicans need to do the right thing and put someone else on the ticket.

Ethan's Picks

Democratic - Joe Biden

There are things I don't like about each of the two front-runners for the Dem Nomination, but I feel that Biden's answers for some of the issues facing our nation are at least more practical than Bernie's solutions. Just one example, is the proposal of "free college" that Bernie pushes. I admire the vision, but have a hard time believing that it can be done.

Republican - Donald Trump

It has been a while since I've seen a President truly put America first. Nobody is perfect, but his no-nonsense dealings in international trade deals and protection of our nation is deeply encouraging. I think a president should not be afraid to "Act first, ask for permission later" when it calls for it.

Megan's Picks

Democratic - Joe Biden

Joe has an earnest connection with the American people and work hard attitude toward serving them. He has the proven experience to be in the executive branch and will heal our divided nation with his moderate approach and willingness to work alongside others in office.

Republican - Bill Weld

As a more moderate Republican, Bill has the values to engage the Republican party and the leadership to bridge the divide between party lines. Bill is a light of hope and the best chance Republicans have to stop the current corruption and abuse of power in the presidential office.

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